Chris and Craig Villwock are the founders and owners of TLC Insurance Group & Wealth. Opening their Medicare business in 1997, the Villwock twins have grown the businesses to over 1,000 managers and brokers in affiliate locations nationally, with affiliate offices in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina. Even with their steady growth nationally, their focus has never changed. The Villwocks are determined to help each and every individual client make the best informed financial, retirement, and Medicare decisions that they can. Chris and Craig are dedicated to meeting the needs of retirees and pre-retirees alike.

Chris and Craig have received numerous top industry awards since opening in 1997. Highly regarded and nationally recognized, this dynamic duo has accomplished a lot in the past 20 plus years of business. Chris and Craig have always focused their business on two main things that drive growth within TLC: taking care of and servicing each and every client and taking care of each and servicing each and every agent.

However, even with all of the accomplishments and recognition, nothing tops the feeling of working with family. Chris and Craig both feel extremely lucky and blessed to work alongside their twin brother and best friend.

The Villwocks have tried to bring their own family dynamic and apply a familial culture to their business. However, doing this across hundreds of insurance brokers and managers throughout locations in multiple states is a daunting task. Chris and Craig understand that they cannot do that alone. They are extremely grateful for their experienced Management Team who help oversee multiple office locations across many states and ensure that the TLC familial culture is constant throughout.




We believe that honesty is the essential foundation on which all successful relationships are built. Honesty between the agent and client allows our customers to feel completely confident and comfortable in making tough decisions regarding their healthcare and/or hard-earned assets.



We believe in complete transparency. We value giving our clients full availability of information, so we can effectively collaborate, cooperate, and collectively make decisions. No hidden agendas, no hidden fees, and no hidden information.



We are dedicated to the long-term health and wealth of our clients and their families. We are determined to find creative ways to meet our customers’ goals and objectives fully and efficiently.



True respect arises from the belief that we are not just advisors and educators, but stewards of our clients’ assets and future. We respect our clients’ time, money, and resources in an effort to create the best customer experience we can.



We aren’t satisfied with our more than 20 years of field expertise. We believe in investing time and money to continue to educate, not only our clients but, our affiliated brokers as well. We are devoted to lifelong corporate learning, hence sustaining expertise on new industry knowledge and trends.


  •         A personal relationship.
  •         Quick responses to service calls, emails and messages.
  •         Live customer service operating from 9AM-5PM EST throughout the year.
  •         The ability to schedule an in-person meeting or office appointment at any time.
  •         The client’s ability to make changes to their plans with our guidance.
  •         Ongoing monitoring and oversight of their accounts.
  •         Annual personalized Medicare Rx and plan reviews.
  •         Regular account and policy reviews with up-to-date account information.
  •         Account servicing of claims and billing for all polices and needs.
  •         All service requests handled in a professional and timely manner.
  •         Educational event opportunities and social activities throughout the year.
  •         Special client workshops that focus on retirement needs.
  •         Financial concepts, strategies and topics explained that is easy to understand.
  •         Privacy and personal information fully protected per HIPPA and FMO oversight guidelines.
  •         Respectful, courteous, and kind treatment…ALWAYS!