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We are excited to welcome you to the Erie Family Life & TLC team and look forward to helping you grow your Medicare line of business.

Please review the information on this page carefully, and when you are ready, click the “Get Started” button at the bottom of this page.

Through our partnership with TLC Insurance Group, Erie Family Life can now offer contracts, training, and support for additional Medicare insurance plan products including Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drug plans and additional Medicare Supplement plans.

TLC Insurance Group is a National Marketing Association (NMA) and, in partnership with Erie Family Life, can help support agents and agencies in every aspect of the Medicare business.

Join the Erie Family Life Medicare team today!

These resources are most appropriate for agencies who do not currently work with an upline representing Medicare Advantage, PDP, and non-Erie Medicare Supplement products.

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A New Opportunity for Erie Agencies to Thrive In the Medicare Market

A short presentation outlining some of the benefits of this opportunity.

One Page Overview

Join the Erie Team for Medicare Insurance Plans

A one-page flyer outlining some of the benefits of this opportunity.

Next Steps Guide

Ready to get started?
What’s next?

A one-page flyer outlining the next steps for agencies who are ready to begin.

Your next steps in the onboarding process

You are in the pre-contracting stage of the onboarding process. We will be collecting some forms and information that will be used to initiate contracting requests from the Medicare insurance carriers. In order to ensure this process is as efficient as possible, please make sure you have the following artifacts ready before starting the pre-contracting process at the bottom of this page:

1. Licenses

You will be uploading PDFs or images of your Health and Life Insurance Licenses for each state in which you want to sell Medicare plans and products. If you are contracting as an agency, we will need your agency and agent licenses for each state. Please provide clear and easy-to-read copies as we will be sending these to each carrier that you contract with.

2. E&O Certificate

You will be uploading a PDF or image of your Certificate of Insurance for Errors and Omissions. Note that Medicare carriers require that each writing agent be listed somewhere on the certificate of E&O insurance. Most Medicare carriers require a minimum coverage of 1 Million dollars per incidence.

3. Deposit Slip/Voided Check

You will be uploading a PDF or image of a voided check or deposit slip for the account in which you would like commissions to be deposited.

4. Release Letter

If you are moving to us from another upline, you will need a letter of release from the top of your current upline or uplines on their official letterhead (an email is not accepted by the carriers). Please email us any additional forms that they provide you by clicking here.


If you are an agency and you intend to have multiple writing agents, the agency principal must be contracted, certified, and ready to sell with each carrier before we can begin the contracting process with sub-producers. You can choose to assign a producer as the principal for Medicare contracts. There may be limitations with a few of the Medicare carriers.

If this is relevant to you, please click here to learn more.

Ready to get started?

Once you have reviewed all the information in this section, and have everything you need, click below to proceed. Our help desk information is also listed below should you require our assistance with the initial onboarding form.

What to expect next

In the days that follow, you will be getting a lot of communication from a lot of different entities via email. It is imperative that you read each email and follow directions explicitly.


  • Some emails will be from TLC ( with specific steps and documents that need to be completed to initiate your contracts with your chosen Medicare carriers.
  • Other emails will come from the carriers directly with links or documents that need to be completed.

Helpful hints

  • Keep all emails pertaining to Medicare in an email folder or series of easily accessible folders.
  • Keep notes as you go about passwords, usernames, and the steps you complete.

Onboarding Checklist

Agent Resources

Take a look at the resources we have available.

Carrier Resources

Training Materials

Marketing Resources

Need Help?

If you need help throughout the onboarding process, please reach out to our support desk with the following info.

Support Ticket: Click Here


Phone: 866-816-9678

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