Questions to Consider

No one plan or strategy is right for everyone.  Everyone is unique.  We take the time to thoroughly review a client’s situation and desired outcomes.  
There are many different roads one can take to secure a financial future as a retiree.  Questions that you should ask yourself include:

-Will you be able to maintain your current way of living?
-What is your current financial situation?
-Are your investments allocated properly?
-Will your money last you as long as you need it?
-Do you have estate planning needs?
-Are there adequate assets to take care of your survivors?
-Have you planned for your assets to transfer to your beneficiaries properly, while minimizing their tax burden?
-Do you have enough life insurance coverage?
-Have you considered then impact of long term care insurance?
-Do you understand how a surviving spouse’s income may decrease dramatically?

There is just too much riding on each of these answers and we specialize in assisting our clients by designing personalized retirement strategies designed specifically to solve each of these concerns.

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