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TLC's next Sales Convention will take place in March of 2020! 
Qualifying agents will be invited to travel with TLC Insurance Group on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas!

Stay tuned for updates!

2018 IUE-CWA Health Fair!

September 20th, 2018
The NEW Montgomery County Fairgrounds from 10AM to 3PM

In the spirit of the old annual Packard Picnic, we are proud to announce an event scheduled to recognize IUE-CWA GM, Packard Electric, Delphi retirees and its' employees. Years ago, the event was an annual picnic that was attended by thousands of Packard employees, and retirees.  This year's event will be sponsored by many local vendors and include food provided by the IUE-CWA, entertainment, local dealership presence, a "retiree car show" and much more.

This will mark the official IUE-CWA sponsored "return" of the picnic to Dayton and we are committed to its bi-annual presence going forward.  This event will be rewarding to the employees/retirees, and sponsors alike.  The event will be Thursday, September 20th from 10am to 3pm at the NEW Montgomery County Fairgrounds. 

For more information on the event, please contact TLC Insurance Group and Wealth at 1-800-719-3751.

Retiree Car Show: Call 1-800-719-3751 to RSVP your ride!

The 2018 IUE-CWA Health Fair will include:
Great Food, Music, Huge Chinese Auction, Retiree Car Show, and much, much more!

**All Proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish!**

Our Co-Owner, Craig Villwock, has sat on the AARP Advisory Council for the last 2 years.  Craig is one of 12 members national that collectively help advise and shape the United Health Care – AARP Medicare Supplement product.  The council helps to position AARP Medicare Supplement plans for continued growth and enhanced services to AARP members. 

Recently, Craig was appointed as the 2019 Chairman of the AARP Services Inc. (ASI) Advisory Council where he will continue to lead the effort towards positive enhancements for AARP, United Healthcare members and agents. 

We wish Craig good luck and fortune in this new leadership position!

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