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Who we are:

TLC Wealth Management has helped many retirees, and pre-retirees, achieve peace of mind by designing personalized retirement strategies that take the financial worry out of retirement.
We see ourselves as advisors, educators, and stewards for our clients. We take time to understand retirees’ unique circumstances, where they are today, and where they want to be tomorrow. Then, we custom design a financial blueprint to keep to make sure that they achieve all of their financial goals.

What we Do:
We focus on personalized retirement strategies. We help retirees design an investment plan and protective income strategies to meet their unique lifestyle and legacy objectives. And, most importantly, we focus on maximizing retirement income and minimizing unnecessary taxes.

Rethinking Traditional Retirement Income

Many investors have spent a great deal of time thinking about Investing for Retirement, which we define as the “wealth accumulation phase,” but not enough time thinking about Investing in Retirement, which we define as the “wealth decumulation phase.” Having an effective investment strategy for the “decumulation phase,” which can last 30 years or more beyond 65, is the key. Investors should not fall into the trap of simply assuming their retirement savings will last a lifetime. Longevity, increasing medical costs, an unpredictable economy, low interest rates and market volatility all add challenges and complexity to an investor’s retirement path. The challenge is to aim to create a reliable income to last a lifetime and to protect retirees from inflation.

Why a Different Approach is Needed

At TLC Wealth, we believe a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to retirement investing should be considered, and should include both an investment strategy and a withdrawal strategy.
Our goal is to provide a sustainable retirement income designed to last a retiree’s lifetime. Retirees want to enjoy their retirement years without being consumed by worry that they could possibly outlive their income. In the decumulation phase, retirement assets need to fund withdrawals for 10, 20, 30 years or more, while absorbing asset erosion from downside volatility and increasing inflation.
From our perspective, traditional retirement approaches often fall short and are sometime ill-equipped to generate the growth and income needed throughout a retiree’s lifetime. It is critical to re-assess your investment strategy, when you are preparing to retire, to minimize risk and adjust your focus on income and the minimization of taxes. We want you to enjoy your retirement the way you have always dreamed it would be.

Legacy Planning

We take the time to prepare for the process of passing along your assets to your beneficiaries.  We are very experienced and knowledgeable about accomplishing this in the most tax efficient way.

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